About Us

TSOC Hospitality is your one stop Hospitality Technology Solutions provider!
Specializing in Guest Room Connectivity Solutions for the Hotel and Cruise Ship Industry.

Power & Charging

 Power and Charging Solutions that assist hotels and ultimately improve guest satisfaction -with AC and USB power outlets where guests need them most.

Alarm Clocks

Attractive, minimalist design Alarm Clocks which provide guests with USB charging outlets and single-set alarm clock functions.


Three world-class telephones brands. One easy choice;  preferred or approved by major hotel chains worldwide.


Give guests control of the in-room Connectivity with ease and style; and a variety of other options via a range of MediaHubs.


Leading brands we supply include TeleAdapt, TSOC,  Cetis, Scitec, Teledex, Telematrix JBL, iHome, SoundFreaq with more to follow.

Keeping Your World Connected

Specializing in Guest Room connectivity solutions for the Hotel and Cruise Ship Industry. Products include Thermal Temperature Scanner Systems, Power & Charging Hubs, TV Media Hubs, USB Alarm Clocks, Analog/Voip Telephones, Integrated Tablet Solutions, Keyless Entry, Digital Signage, Internet Café, Audio/Video Cables, Connectors and much more… Leading brands we supply include TeleAdapt, TSOC, Cetis, Scitec, Teledex, Telematrix JBL, iHome, SoundFreaq with more to follow.

We have more than 50 years of combined experience in the industry, with offices conveniently located in Toronto, Canada and Ft Lauderdale, USA.